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Amanda Christine Cox - Contemporary Fine Art Painter


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Much of my work is currently influenced by my love of new-wave music from the late 1970's and 1980's. The production values and performances of this music have a sparseness and spikiness and sense of detachment which was very appropriate as this was a time of uncertainty and disorder. I find these values personally pertinent in creating or editing images and using colour.

There was a feeling of anarchy that settled into a desire to create a kind of order.

I remember the day-to-day results of the political and social unrest at the time as being stand-pipes, candles, NF graffiti and my fathers fear of nuclear war. Although this is the past, there are reasons now why such bleakness can be revisited.

Creativity likes nothing more than chaos, in fact it is argued that it is born from confusion.


Of course, hope and optimism prevail. Whether you are a uninhibted pleasure seeker or just like to take in and find joy in distant landscapes, there are experiences still to be enjoyed..




(click on an image to enlarge, apologies for poor reproduction!)


Experience with me my world as I try to represent it..

and then leave it behind

or live with it

the choice is yours.




Camberwell Degree Show 2007: The culmination of 4 years hard labour in BA Painting.